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Energea DuraGlitz USB-A to Micro USB Cable (18CM)

Energea DuraGlitz USB-A to Micro USB Cable (18CM)

Energea DuraGlitz USB-A to Micro USB Cable (18CM)

Availability: In stock

  • Comes in multitude of glitzy colours
  • Withstand up to 80N of force
  • Bend-tested 30,000 rounds for ultra-flexibility
  • Dura TwistBraid™ Technology delivers tangle-free charging
  • 2.4A High Speed Charge & Sync
  • 5 years replacement warranty
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Energea DuraGlitz USB-A to Micro USB Cable (18CM)
Energea DuraGlitz USB-A to Micro USB Cable (18CM)
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Availability: In stock

  • Overview

Tough Tested High Speed Charge & Sync Cable


Finally, it's the cable we've all been waiting for. Built Stylish and proven tough, DuraGlitz has been rigorously lab-tested to withstand daily abuse. With ultra-tough Dura TwistBraid™ reinforced cable and sturdy tip construction, this tough cable might just outlive your phone. Product comes in various lengths, and has a five-year limited warranty.


Re-Engineered SR Design withstand 30,000+ Rounds of Bend Test for Ultimate Flexibility


Undergoing 30,000 rounds of 60 degree bend tests, the DuraGlitz has enough flexibility and toughness to endure the twists and turns of daily wear. The re-engineering of the SR design gives the tip a sturdy construction, making it a cable that lasts.


Tangle-Free Charging with DuraTwistBraid™ Technology


Designed with Dura TwistBraid™ Technology, which uses a unique interweaving pattern of nylon braiding to ensure a non-tangle and fuss-free charging experience every time.


2.4A High Speed Charging


A 2.4A High Speed Charge & Sync Lightning cable, DuraGlitz is equipped with the power to charge your phone rapidly and efficiently, without compromising on its aesthetics.


Built to withstand 30KG of Downward Force


Built stylish and proven tough, DuraGlitz can endure up to 30kg of pulling and tugging and is built to last and outlast. It’s rigorously lab-tested to withstand daily abuse and deliver robust charging performance, day after day.